Looking for the best farmhouse holiday close to Legoland and Lalandia ?
SkandiHest can offer you a real farmhouse holiday close to Billund which is a children’s paradise and where you can find lots of fun activities and kid-friendly restaurants. With attractions such as Legoland, Lalandia and Giveskud Zoo, the only problem parents will have is which one to choose first. Furthermore you will have beautiful surroundings, room for all kind of families, access to horsebackriding and a lot of fun activities.

SkandiHest is simply one of the most attractive places in Jylland.



We can offer you two different appartments:

  • Appartment 1: From one to five persons
  • Appartment 2: From six to eight persons

Appartment: up to eight persons

This appartment is fora big family

  • Check out the prices here

Appartment: up to five persons
This is a really nice appartment with plenty fo room most families. on the first floor you have a double bed (usally the parents room). Further more you have a room with three beds (normally for the children).

  • Check out the prices here

Lejlighed til 5 personer


You can book skandihest here:
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